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Sole Proprietor Kevin Inouye, award-winning fight choreographer and fight director, Member of SAG-AFTRA and Associate Member of the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society: The traditional niche for people in my field is fight choreography. At its core, that is the creation of a series of physical motions strung together to tell the story of a fight.

While time and other constraints sometimes necessitate this, I find it a very constraining and inadequate description for what my job can be, akin to telling a director to just block the scenes and go home.

The mechanics of the moves, while important, should serve to support the artistic choices of the cast and production team. Both moves and choices should be informed by the technical, martial, hoplogical, psychological and artistic expertise of the fight director. There is a need for integration between disciplines and collaborators in order to create safe, engaging action that is appropriate to the production. That is the idea behind the business name, Fight Designer.

My goal is always to assist the cast and the artistic team in creating fights that truly come from and add to the characters and the story, in a way that enhances the style of the piece.

Everyone from audience to actors to directors should walk away feeling that they've seen, experienced, and learned something from the event, and those involved should enjoy the process of creation and discovery.

Fight Choreography (theatre)

  • The Liar / University of Wyoming
  • One Night / Contemporary American Theatre Festival
  • Elephant Man / Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Moon Over Buffalo / Douglass Freeman High School
  • The Clink / Shafer Alliance Laboratory Theatre
  • Troy Women / Shafer Alliance Laboratory Theatre
  • TOUGH! / York County School for the Arts
  • The Tragedy of Macbeth / Richmond ShakespeareU
  • The Bluest Eye | Barksdale/Theatre VCU
  • Legacy of Light | Barksdale/Theatre VCU
  • Liaisons (Fight Captain) | Theatre VCU
  • Dead Man's Cellphone | Theatre VCU
  • Oklahoma (Workshop Assistant) | Arena Stage
  • Pterodactyls| The Wrecking Crew
  • The MoveMeant | BrownBox Theatre
  • Wreck the Airline Barrier | The Wrecking Crew
  • No Exit | The Wrecking Crew
  • Macbeth | Lakewood Playhouse
  • Bobby & Jerome | Langston Hughes Performing Arts
  • Search & Destroy | Balagan Theater
  • Big Love | Balagan Theater
  • Romeo & Juliet | Balagan Theatre
  • The Pillowman | Boise Contemporary Theater
  • Camelot | Inglemoor High School
  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern | Ghostlight Theatricals
  • Holes | Lakewood Playhouse
  • Foiled Again! | Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire
  • Cap Hill High: the Final Period | Capitol Hill Arts Center
  • Peter Pan | Bellingham Arts Academy
  • Amadeus | Lakewood Playhouse
  • Foiled Again! | Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire
  • Robin Hood | Theater Schmeater
  • Rumors | Bellevue Civic Theatre
  • Fool for Love | GhostLight Theatricals
  • The Rover| GhostLight Theatricals
  • MacBeth |GhostLight Theatricals
  • Fucked | Matt Fontaine @ Open Circle
  • The Sextius School for Gladettes | Live Girls!
  • Lost Souls | Cornish College for the Arts
  • Hair | Earlham College
  • Impassioned Embaraces | Earlham College

Fight Choreographer/Stunt Coordinator/Weaponsmaster and Armorer (film)

  • TURN | AMC
  • The City | VCU Cinema
  • GAM3RS: Hands of Fate | Zombie Orpheus Films
  • Trailer | VCU Cinema
  • The First Stone | VCU Cinema
  • Ouroboros | 48hr Film Project Richmond
  • On and On | Kirby Krackle
  • Agent 5 | Carter Films
  • Fuzz Meets Fangs | Fight Designer, LLC
  • Genesis Teaser Promo | Brady Hall Productions
  • Cleopatra's Daughter Promo | Brady Hall Productions
  • Anathem Promo | Brady Hall Productions
  • Graceling Promo | Brady Hall Productions
  • Clutch | Renegade Productions
  • ManCrush | Radio Tribe Productions
  • Big Bad Heist | Fox TV's 'On the Lot'
  • Awakenings | RoachsRealm
  • The Gamers: Dorkness Rising | Dead Gentlemen Production
  • Bullets, Blood, & a Fistfull of Ca$h | Akina Films
  • UrbanWorld | Malik Isasis Production
  • Got Milk? | Imagen Films

Specialty Props/Effects (theatre)

  • Shakespeare's R&J | VCU
  • Search & Destroy | Balagan Theatre
  • Big Love | Balagan Theatre
  • Blasted | A Theatre under the Influence
  • Fucked: An Evening of Theatrical Atrocities | Matt Fontaine
  • Lost Souls | Cornish College for the Arts

Specialty Props/Effects (film and video)

  • The Gamers: Dorkness Rising | Dead Gentlemen Productions
  • Bullets, Blood, & a Fistfull of Ca$h | Akina Films
  • Six Short Films Project | Gadzook Films
  • UrbanWorld | Malik Isasis Productions
  • CritSit | Do It Now Productions


Legacy of Light

"... Kevin Inouye contributes top-notch fight choreography." -- Richmond Times-Dispatch

Big Love

"... expertly choreographed the climactic orgy of sex and violence to feel chaotic." -- The Stranger

Romeo & Juliet

"...the fairly complex physical fracas brings Balagan to a new level technically. Kudos to fight choreographer Kevin Inouye..." -- Seattle Weekly

"The direction of the Capulet party and the fight scenes is superb, edge-of-your-seat stuff..." -- Seattlest

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